July 9-13 Production Bootcamp at Cinema Park Studios with Erik Lingvall and Jan Smith (Early Bird buy before 4/15)

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July 9-13 Production Bootcamp at Cinema Park Studios with Erik Lingvall and Jan Smith (Early Bird buy before 4/15)

The incredible production team at Cinema Park Studios, with special guest industry pros Erik Lingvall (Award-winning Acting Coach, Jan Smith (Award-winning Music Producer/Vocal Coach) and others, are coming together for Georgia's Biggest Production Camp of the year! 







Your child will get hands-on training and experience working alongside Top Industry Professionals on a Professional Production. Participants will receive opportunities for IMDB Credit on a WGA-Registered Project with global distribution. 

Lunch and Craft Services will be provided for each participant, along with one-on-one mentorship for the entire program. 

Every participant will leave with real experience on a professionally produced and distributed project. The Schedule is BELOW: 

Day 1 - Development - Writing

Have you ever wondered how a film or tv show gets made? Well it starts with development! Story, Cast and Locations all are formed in this part of the production process. As a part of the production team, your child with learn from industry veterans and special guests while actively contributing to the Film.

Day 2 - Pre-Production - Casting

What happens before cameras roll? It’s all about the planning! This part is where cast members are selected, crew members are hired and resources are organized. Here, your child will study with industry veterans, receive coaching, learn crew roles, audition, find their crew role with a mentor and prepare to film.

Day 3 - Production - Filming

Lights, Camera, Action! On a live set, your child will study blocking, review lines, rehearse with their cast and crew mates and solve problems on set. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the camera? With both peers and mentors, we will begin filming. Your child will spend time in front of and behind the camera, experience craft services, catering and master set etiquette in a controlled, professional environment.

Day 4 - Production  - Filming

In addition to acting, your child will learn get to participate in operating the camera, lights, audio and walkie-talkies. With their mentors and special guests, participants will continue filming and solve problems on set. Using union regulations, we will take frequent breaks where your child will learn from industry veterans in power sessions.

Day 5 - Post Production and Wrap Party - Editing, Music + Marketing

What happens when a film wraps? After filming, your child will learn about the editing process and get to see the footage they helped create. Alongside our production team, participants will be able to get hands-on experience in post production and music. With a very special guest, your child will learn the importance of how music, sound and video come together to make a project special.

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